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America's Favorite Foods to Grill

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Grilling is an art and the grilling community is large and here to stay. Summer and grilling go hand in hand, so when you pack up your RV, don’t forget the grill! Here are America’s favorite foods to grill.

Burgers and Dogs

These have to take the number one slot because grilling burgers, hot dogs, brats, or sausages is the best way to cook these favorite summer eats. Jazz up your burgers by grilling veggies to go on them such as mushrooms, onions, or even lettuce! Taste the many different brats and dogs available to find your new favorite.

Steaks, Pork Steaks, and Chicken

Also at the top of the list is almost every other type of meat you can think of. Steaks are amazing grilled, as are many cuts of pork and chicken. Create your own marinades and spice rubs with your favorite seasonings and get ready to grill.


Grilled corn, asparagus, mushrooms, peppers, onions… it’s all delicious. Grilled vegetables pack huge flavor and give you a healthy side dish to your proteins. There’s nothing better than hot, fresh, grilled vegetables once summer hits!


Grilled fruits may be a bit out of your experience, but let us say they are amazing! Grilled pineapple pairs well with chicken or pork or just on its own. Ever had grilled watermelon? Add it to the shopping list because this is one to try! Peaches and nectarines are phenomenal grilled, as are pears and mangoes. Get creative and you’ll love what you discover.

Fish and Shellfish

Fish is another great item to grill and can be done in different ways. Wrap a whole fish in banana leaves to infuse the flavor and keep the fish from sticking to the grill. Throw shrimp on a kabob stick for amazing flavor. You can even grill lobster or scallops for a delicious dinner done right.

Try something new on your grill this summer and we guarantee you’ll love the results!